Open Zoo

Zootool has been the first visual bookmark service, which combined collecting images, videos, documents and websites from all over the web and it has been a great adventure for more than six years with more than 150,000 users.

Unfortunately it never worked out financially and we had to shut Zootool down on March 15, 2014.

I still believe in the idea though. I just don't believe in a hosted service anymore. At Zootool we were never able to give our users the kind of control over their data, which they deserved. They relied on our success and decision to keep it up - and in the end we had to disappoint them.

So I want to build a kick‑ass open‑source, self‑hosted alternative for Zootool. Something you can run on your own server and rely on.

Open Source Zootool

This is a first concept running on my own server and hosting my collection with more than 6000 bookmarks. It was proof enough for me that this is possible and can even work better than any hosted service.

Unfortunately I don't have the time and money to keep on developing this version further and to launch it for all of you. So I need your support!

Please subscribe to the newsletter if you are interested in a self-hosted alternative for Zootool. If enough people show their interest I will try to find a way to move on.