I'm working on Kirby 2 for almost two years now. It started as a small wish to make the first version a bit better and has become a major personal effort, which takes all my time and concentration.

It's no longer about iterating over the first version. I'm under constant pressure to keep up with expectations. I received some really great feedback for Kirby so far and I'm afraid to fail.

I once failed with Zootool because I wanted too much and that almost happened to me during the last two years with Kirby as well. I started to convert my little baby, which people seem to like for being small and focused, into a gigantic monster.

It took me quite a while to realize that and it took even longer to revert my mistakes and remove lots and lots of things I've already added.

I'm at a point now that I start to feel comfortable about the next version — comfortable is the wrong term. I feel less ashamed about it.

Many great things are in there and yet I'm simply afraid that it might not be good enough.

I have a launch date in mind and anxiety is building up. I'm peeing my pants when I think about the launch. I can't wait and don't want that day to come at the same time.

I remember that I had a similar feeling when I launched Kirby 1. The web is brutal. You publish something you put thought and passion into and then the wolves come and take it apart.

But at the same time there's nothing better than getting it out there.

T - 1 Month